Our Aims:

• To provide an association of like-minded people to enjoy, share and advance their photographic skills.

• To facilitate education in ideas, techniques and equipment.

• To encourage and facilitate

o   displays of prints and projected images;

o  skill development through evaluation, competition and association among friends;

o   trips to places of interest;;

o  photographic opportunities and any other activities appropriate to members’ interests.

• To encourage photography within the community and to use photography to the benefit of the community by providing pictorial records of the community, its people and events and its environs.

• To provide a friendly and supportive forum for members’ interests in photography, whether they are beginners or experienced photographers.

• To encourage a proactive approach to all meetings and activities from all members in order that we have an all-inclusive, friendly association of members.

• To have fun with photography.

What data will we collect?

When you become a member, the club needs to collect certain personal information about you, including your name, e-mail address and telephone number. The club also collects names and contact details of people we work with as individuals or as members of other clubs, for example guest speakers and judges.

Why will we collect your data?

We will collect and process these details for the purposes of registering you as a member of FCC and for administering the activities of the club. We will process your data on the basis of legitimate interests: registering you as a member and administering the club.

How will we use your data?

• The club will use the data you provide to contact you via e-mail, SMS and messaging apps such as WhatsApp

o  in relation to club updates, competitions, exhibitions and outings;

o  to share details of national and inter-club competitions and to organise competition entries and trips to relevant events;

o  to provide you with details of events and offers from other clubs, national photographic organisations, service providers such as workshop organisers and equipment suppliers, where such information is received by an officer of the club and deemed to be of potential interest to club members.

You can opt out at any time by sending a request by e-mail to fermoycameraclub@gmail.com

• Your data will also be used in recording and publishing competition entries and results.

Names and photographs of competition winners and runners-up may be used on the club facebook page and website and by the club PRO in promoting the club on other sites or in other media; likewise names and photographs of members present on club outings or taking part in inter-club competitions or other events.

How will we store your data?

All of the personal data we gather from you will be collected, stored and processed in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy. 

The club will keep records up to date by asking you to confirm your current details once a year on renewal of membership.  If you wish to update your data during the year, you may do this at any time by contacting the Club Secretary at fermoycameraclub@gmail.com or going to the club website and completing a data amendment form .

If there is an error in the data the club holds for you, you may have this corrected at any time by contacting the Club Secretary at fermoycameraclub@gmail.com or going to the club website and completing a data amendment form.

You have the right to have your personal data deleted on request, by contacting the Club Secretary at fermoycameraclub@gmail.com or going to the club website and completing a data amendment form.

The club will action requests for amendments or deletion of your personal data within one month of receiving a request from you. Personal data is held securely by the club in g-mail cloud space associated with club e-mail addresses:

Club Secretary

Data Held: Membership registrations with names, phone numbers & e-mail addresses for general club administration. Names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of contacts for external judging, guest speakers and other service providers, contacts in other camera clubs and related organisations. fermoycameraclub@gmail.com

Competition Secretary

Competition entries with names, e-mail addresses and competition results.  Competition rules acceptance forms with member names and signatures.  List of member names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for communication of competition updates. fcccompetitions@gmail.com


Names and photographs of & by members for use on the club’s facebook page and website and for promotion of the club in other media. profermoycameraclub@gmail.com

Outings Team

Names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for communication of outings updates. fcc.outings@gmail.com

All paper documentation will be destroyed after collection and uploading of data to the relevant cloud storage area. This will be done within one month of collection of the data. As we operate a club, with a need for members to be able contact each other privately in relation to outings, competitions etc., it is inevitable that some personal details will also be held on individual members’ personal phones and other devices.  The club has no control over the security of data held in these locations, but requests that all members ensure that their devices are secured by means of passwords, fingerprints and/or facial recognition.

Guidance on how long the club will keep your data

We will retain your data for as long as you are a member of the club and will then delete your information as follows:

  • Name, e-mail address & telephone number in contact lists. Deleted: When membership lapses.

  • Member name with competition results. Deleted: Held indefinitely as a record of competition results .

  • Member names and photographs from club outings etc. Deleted: Held indefinitely for club records.

Data protection officer

Our data protection officer is Helen Coughlan and can be contacted with any queries on fermoycameraclub@gmail.com


If you have any concerns or complaints in relation to how the club collects and/or processes your personal data, you should contact the Club Secretary in the first instance, at fermoycameraclub@gmail.com. If you are dissatisfied with how your concern/complaint is dealt with by the club you have the right to report your concern/complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner (www.dataprotection.ie).